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Mullerthal Trail

Hiking in Luxembourg's Little Switzerland


Mullerthal Trail

The Mullerthal Trail leads over 112 kilometres through the fascinating scenic diversity of the Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland. Along the three routes, hikers can expect a combination of local wonders: surreal-looking rock formations, moss-covered forests, enchanted stream valleys and vast pasture landscapes. But that's not all! The Mullerthal Trail beckons with hidden viewpoints and cultural treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Each of the three routes has its own unmistakable charm:
Route 1 skilfully interweaves the characteristic landscape elements of rocks, forests, sweeping views and meadows - offering an unforgettable panorama.
Route 2 leads deep into the heart of Luxembourg's Little Switzerland and presents spectacular rock formations that fire the imagination.
Route 3 not only impresses with its enormous rock formations, but also enchants with picturesque stream valleys and romantic castles.

From various starting points, you can explore individual routes on the Mullerthal Trail depending on your mood and fitness level. In addition to these trails, four extra tours offer exciting alternatives and extend the hiking experience.

Certified in accordance with the strict quality criteria of the European Ramblers' Association, the Mullerthal Trail has been awarded the title "Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe".

The signposts - red M for the routes and orange M for the ExtraTours - accompany you throughout in both directions and show you the way through this breathtaking landscape.

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Route Length Degree of difficulty
Mullerthal Trail Route 1 36 km * * *
Mullerthal Trail Route 2 38 km * * *
Mullerthal Trail Route 3 38 km * * *
Mullerthal Trail ExtraTour A 22 km * * *
Mullerthal Trail ExtraTour B 13 km * * *
Mullerthal Trail ExtraTour C 9 km * * *
Mullerthal Trail ExtraTour D 31,5 km * * *