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Care for your forest - Let's keep our environment clean

The nature of the Mullerthal Region is a place to relax and experience nature. It is also a place where people and animals live. While passing your vacation here, make sure to keep nature in a good shape and the region clean.
Do not leave things behind in nature which you take along on a tour. Be sure to dispose your garbage
when you are finished. This also includes cigarette butts, banana and fruit peels, paper napkins, toilet paper and baby diapers.

Be safe in nature

The Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland impresses with its breathtaking landscapes. As the rugged rocks can be dangerous, the regional tourist office is concerned about the safety of the visitors. Together with some municipalities, measures have been taken to ensure that visitors can explore the forest and the rocky landscape without hesitation.
New signs have been developed containing essential tips for responsible hiking. In addition, various danger symbols have been integrated at the bottom of these signs to make visitors aware of the potential risks in the region. This not only emphasizes the natural beauty of the surroundings, but rises the awareness for safety for all who wish to enjoy this unique place.

ORT Région Mullerthal Sicherheitscampagne Schild