Mullerthal Trail Route 1

Mullerthal Trail Route 1

Mullerthal Trail Route 1: through enchanting forests with imposing rocky landscapes along flowering orchards and great views of the Sûre valley.

The approximately 112 km long Mullerthal Trail consists of three loops (Route 1, Route 2 and Route 3).

You can hike Route 1 of the Mullerthal Trail in 2 daily stages. It offers a variety between enchanting forest sections with rocky landscapes, views of the Sûre valley and sections through the open country with orchards characteristic of the region.

In addition to the landscapes, the highlights of Route 1 are the city of Echternach - the cultural and tourist center of the region with the famous Sankt Willibrord basilica and the historic old town - the pilgrimage chapel Girsterklaus with its old, picturesque cemetery and the Echternach lake with its numerous leisure activities and refreshment stops.

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Echternach (Basilica) - Rosport - Moersdorf - Herborn


152, B.P. | L-6402 Echternach

Tel. +352 72 04 57 1 | Fax. +352 72 75 24
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Departure : Echternach (Basilica) - Rosport - Moersdorf - Herborn

Arrival : Echternach (Basilica) - Rosport - Moersdorf - Herborn

Parking : Parkings nearby the bus station

Distance : 36,7 km

Altitude : 390 m

Time : 10h25

Difficulty :


An ideal starting point  of Rute 1 is certainly Echternach, the cultural and touristic center of the region. Next to its Willibrord Basilica, the ancient abbey and the old city center, Echternach offers many interesting places. If you want to relax, stop at one of the bars or terraces.  There are many restaurants and accommodations in Echternach.

From Echternach you can start the hike towards Rosport and the lower Sûre. It's also possible to start from Rosport, Moersdorf, Mompach or Herborn.

You walk along the river Sûre which makes the border with Germany. Take onto your right to walk into the woods behind Echternach. Route 1 leads you next to impressive rock formations to reach the locality of Steinheim. You pass through wonderful meadows, have nice views onto the valley before getting to Rosport, where the Mullerthal Trail is passing next to the Tudor museum. You can stop for a break in Steinheim and in Rosport.

You then continue towards Moersdorf. On this part you will encounter a real cultural jewel which is Girsterklaus, a very old and tiny pilgrimage chapel which offers a beautiful view on the surrounding meadows and on the Sûre valley.

You then walk down again to the valley towards the locality of Hinkel, where "Kulturhaff Millermoler" a bed and breakfast, also selling regional products, welcomes you for a rest. The Mullerthal Trail continues towards Born and Moersdorf while passing through the forests. You can stop for a break in Born or Moersdorf.

After Moersdorf, the Mullerthal Trail leaves the river to turn to the west to Mompach. You continue your way towards Echternach passing through the forest of Herborn. There are no places to stop and rest in this forest and you will only be able to do so at the wonderful lake in Echternach or in Echternach itself.

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