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Local hiking trail - J8

General information

The trail Kriipseweier-Gatter is a perfect mix of a nature and a sporty hiking trail. It passes fields, woods and adventurous nature trails. The trail leads along the ponds named Kriipseweier, across the former Grand Ducal forest and the Roman street. This well-preserved Roman road was once a connection between Kirchberg, Altrier, Echternach and Bitburg. On this spot it led to the road between Reims, Trier, Cologne and Limes. This former important road was protected by a fort which was set on the ground of Bourglinster castle.

Start and arrival: Bourglinster Pavillon Biergerbierg CR 122

Useful information


28, Rue de Gonderange
L-6161 Bourglinster
Tel. +352 72 04 57 1
Fax. +352 72 75 24


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Distance : 12.6 km

Time : 3.5 h

Difficulty :

Type of path

Local hiking trail

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