Mullerthal Trail ExtraTours

MMullerthal Trail ExtraTour A 

ExtraTour A (link: is linked on the western part to the Mullerthal Trail and connects the localities of Larochette, Nommern and Medernach. The walk between Medernach and Larochette is actually part of the Mullerthal Trail. Due to its situation between the rocks, Larochette is a well known place for excursions.

From Larochette you walk through the woods towards Meysembourg Castle. From here, you walk on beautiful meadows towards Nommerlayen. The impressive rock formations of Nommerlayen are well known by hikers and here you definitely need good walking shoes. From Nommern, you continue towards the forest of Seitert to Medernach to reach again the Mullerthal Trail. There are places to have a rest in Nommern as well as in Medernach.


MMullerthal Trail ExtraTour B 

ExtraTour B (link: is situated between Beaufort and the Valley of the Sûre. With its medieval castle, Beaufort is a good place to visit and spend some time. In the center of the locality, the walk starts towards Dillingen passing through an ancient quarry which had been re-activated lately.

The tour then passes by Bigelbach where you have nice views on the Sûre valley. From Bigelbach you walk up again to the Beaufort plateau; at Berens, you will encounter the Mullerthal Trail again.


MMullerthal Trail ExtraTour C 

ExtraTour C (link: connects the localities of Bech and Altrier with the Mullerthal Trail. In Bech, you pass the old railway station (Bech Gare) which had been transformed into a chalet (place to rest) and then pass a tunnel of 300 m which is used as cycle track so beware of the bikes!

Between Bech and Altrier you have very nice views over valleys. Worth seeing on this passage are the tumulus (an ancient Roman grave) and the natural site called "Bildchen" (a 1.000-year old oak-tree).


MMullerthal Trail ExtraTour D 

ExtraTour D (link: connects the Mullerthal region to the Grünewald, a forest near the capital, where a connection to further hiking networks is possible.

Start of the tour is in the cobbled town of Bourglinster at the beautiful castle. From there, after Altlinster and Schleifmillen, you pass the rock formations of the prehistoric place of worship called Häerdcheslay. Through a beautiful mixed forest with a pond, you arrive at Blumenthal (connection to Route 3 of Mullerthal Trail), you pass the striking TV towers and get to Junglinster. From here, after having made 12.5 km, you can make a shortcut to get back to Bourglinster.

From Junglinster, the tour runs through beautiful forest trails of the "Grand Ducal gate", a private forest belonging to the Grand Ducal family, 500 ha big, which was opened to the public in 2009.

Forest paths and open landscapes characterize this 31.5 km long tour. Stops can be made in Bourglinster and Junglinster.



Walking mapA walking map on the Mullerthal Trail as well as on all the local hikes is available in the region or can be ordered (shipping after payment, please provide your address).