Wandelsuggestie R8: Duerch Peedercher - Steinheim

Op het spoor van de deze tour zal u het typische landschap van de lagere Sûre vallei passeren.


Vertrek & aankomst: Centre culturel "Fraihof" in Steinheim

The R8 track, of about 9 km, offers a very attractive and changing tour through the typical landscape of the lower Sûre valley. After the start, the hiker will go through old pathways in the village used daily by the inhabitants in the past. Splendid views of the landscape are offered during the trip. The hightlight is a 360 degree view in all directions. Huge rocks of dolomit and the forest cathedral created by the beech grove are other original aspects of the track.

Advice: Wheel chairs and baby carriages can not use this track!