Mullerthal Trail - stage suggestions

Stage proposals

It is possible to hike the Mullerthal Trail in several stages. You can plan your stages individually. There are different options according to your personal wishes, your time, and of course your accommodation. Likewise, the direction can be freely chosen. Basically, you should inform in advance about the opening times of rest stops and book your accommodation. Due to the good bus service in the region, you may also explore the Mullerthal Trail from a fixed location.


The classic way: “The Mullerthal Trail in 6 stages”

Accommodations in:
Echternach, Moersdorf, Müllerthal, Larochette

1st stage: Echternach – Moersdorf – 18,7 km
(Route 1: sections 1+2)

2nd stage: Moersdorf – Echternach – 20,4 km
(Route 1:  sections 3+4)

3rd stage: Echternach – Müllerthal – 12,5 km
(Route 2: sections 5+6)

4th stage: Müllerthal – Larochette – 18 km
(Route 2: sections 7+8)

5th stage: Larochette – Müllerthal – 20,3 km
(Route 3: sections 9+10)

6th stage: Müllerthal – Echternach – 24,8 km
(Route 3: sections 11+12+13)


The Mullerthal Trail with one accommodation and return by bus

Accommodation: Echternach

1st stage: Echternach – Moersdorf – 18,7 km
(Route 1: sections 1+2)
return by bus No. 485 from Moersdorf back to Echternach

2nd stage: Moersdorf – Echternach – 20,4 km
(Route 1: sections 3+4)
take bus No. 485 from Echternach to Moersdorf

3rd stage: Berdorf – Hersberg – 14,7 km
(Route 2: sections 6+11)
take bus No. 111 from Echternach to
Berdorf; return by bus No. 111 from Hersberg to Echternach

4th stage: Hersberg – Berdorf – 22,5 km
(Route 2: sections 12+13+5)
take bus No. 111 from Echternach to Hersberg; return by bus No. 111 from Berdorf to Echternach

5th stage: Blumenthal – Beaufort – 21,1 km
(Route 3:  sections 8+9)
take the buses No. 110+107 from Echternach to Blumenthal, return by bus No. 414 and bus No. 502+500 or bus No. 107+111 from Beaufort to Echternach

6th stage: Beaufort – Blumenthal – 17,3 km
(Route 3: sections 10+7)
take bus No. 414 or the buses 500+202 or 110+107 from  Echternach to Beaufort, return by the buses No. 107+110 or 111 or 507+110 or 111 from Blumenthal to Echternach

In addition to these stage proposals, you may also make your own stages of the Mullerthal Trail. The following localities can be chosen as a stage location offering accommodation right on the Mullerthal Trail: Beaufort, Berdorf, Heffingen-Soup and Scheidgen.