Walking Tour Rosport


Drapeau bleu

START: Rosport church

Tudor castle
The listed Tudor castle was built in 1892 and the adjacent park dates from the same period. Today, the castle hosts the communal administration and the Tudor Museum, an interactive museum about electricity and lead accumulators.

The landscape of Rosport is set on a wavy plateau which is cut by the meanders of the river Sûre. It is characterized by idyllic woods, mossy rock formations and open landscapes. The hiker will appreciate wonderful views on the valley of the Sûre and the villages of Hinkel, Rosport, Wintersdorf and Ralingen.

The Chapel of Girsterklaus is the oldest pilgrimage place of Virgin Mary in Luxembourg. The impressive tower, probably part of an early medieval defense system, is the landmark of the chapel.

The village of Rosport is located directly on the river Sûre and has a number of historical treasures and sights. Rosport owns the only source of naturally carbonated mineral water in the country. It also has an adventure playground and a pool at the campsite. The landscape around Rosport offers large possibilities for hiking and cycling and makes adventure lovers hearts beat faster.