By bus

If you want to come to the region by bus, there are buses from Trier and Bitburg to Echternach.
From Trier, the Regioradler Sauertal (line 441) and from Bitburg, the line 401 brings you directly to Echternach where you can get off at three stops.

In Luxembourg-City you get every 30 min. the bus number 110 (direct) or 111 (passing over other villages) to Echternach.

Public transport within Luxembourg

The distinctive nature of the Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland is the best reason to spend a holiday here. We want to preserve the landscape in the best possible way and give our visitors the opportunity to leave their car on the spot. The region is well served by several bus lines that can be  combined well with your walking tours. The bus lines are connected to the three Routes of the Mullerthal Trail. Information about the starting points and end stations of the respective bus lines can be seen in our folder “Mullerthal Trail Mobility 2015”. The brochure with bus time tables for hiking trips is available here.

Detailed timetable information is also available on or in the various tourist information offices.

At the bus stops near the Mullerthal Trail and the ExtraTours, you will see signs that show your exact location and the fastest entrance to the Mullerthal Trail.