Fischbach is located between the localities Mersch and Larochette, on a hill between the Alzette valley and the valley of the White Ernz. Between 1820 and 1857, Fischbach was considered as one of the industrial centers of the country because of its steel production, which could be explained by the ore mining. At the present time, the locality is known above all through the private residence of the grand-ducal family as well as through its hike trails.

The municipality, to which belong the three villages of Angelsberg, Schoos and Koedange as well as the four hamlets Schiltzberg, Weyer, Stuppicht and Fischbach, counts 966 inhabitants.

Administration communale de Fischbach:
1, rue de l'Eglise
L-7430 Fischbach
Tel: +352 32 70 84-42
Fax: +352 327084-60