The municipality of the Valley of the Ernz is embedded in a gorgeous landscape and situated on the border of the Mullerthal Region. The White Ernz, which curls through the country, gave its name to the municipality.

The beautiful churches of Eppeldorf, Ermsdorf and Stegen are always worth visiting. The church of Medernach is especially remarkable with its Baroque altar, which derives from the 17th century. In Medernach, numerous wayside shrines decorate the roadside. A memorial reminds the defense of the village in honor of the American soldiers of the liberation in winter 1944-45. Beautiful hike paths, as the barefoot hiking trail, invite you to extensive promenades.

The touristic infrastructure includes a riding school in Stegen with associated horse rental, flying in light planes starting from the platform of the association “Aéroplume Luxembourg”, two modern camping grounds (Neumühle and Kengert) with restaurant, shop, swimming pool, indoor playground and equipped pitches for caravans. Medernach provides also café-restaurants, a baker and a butcher.


Administration communale Aerenzdallgemeng:
26, rue de Savelborn
L-7660 Medernach
Tél. +352 83 73 02-1
Fax +352 87 96 65

Camping Kengert
L-7633 Medernach
Tél. +352 83 71 86
Fax +352 87 83 23

Opening hours:
01.03.-08.11.: 8 - 22h