|8| Blumenthal - Larochette

This section of the Mullerthal Trail leads from the Black to the White Ernz. The starting point in the village of Blumenthal is located on the Black Ernz. Along the brook, the Mullerthal Trail leads towards Heffingen, leaves the valley after a short time and climbs steeply up into the woods. Once on the plateau, the hiker will have an open, agricultural embossed stretch to make. The viewpoint “Houbierg” (1) offers top long-distance views over
fields and meadows. The Mullerthal Trail then leads through a forest with charming rock sections down into the valley of the White Ernz. In parallel to the stream, it continues to Soup (2). Behind the village, the Mullerthal Trail leaves the stream, leads up to the forest and on beautiful, narrow paths towards Larochette. The huge ruins of the castle of Larochette (3), which lies above the village, already welcomes the hiker from far. Arrived in Larochette, the path leads down to the village, next to the White Ernz.

Length: 8,6 km

Duration: 3 h

Departure: Blumenthal

Arrival: Larochette


100 Diekirch - Larochette - Blumenthal - Luxembourg

507 Diekirch - Larochette - Blumenthal - Wasserbillig - Grevenmacher