|7| Müllerthal - Blumenthal

The Black Ernz is the recurring companion of this route. From the starting point at the “Heringer Millen”, the Mullerthal Trail follows the course of this stream to the small, but very picturesque waterfall “Schiessentümpel” (1). It continues above the Black Ernz at the foot of the rocks into the forest called “Paaschent”. After a few meters, the Mullerthal Trail leaves the creek and leads up into the forest for a certain while until the path goes down the steps to a Travertine source (2). Here the Black Ernz is very close again. The Mullerthal Trail now
runs parallel to the creek on a wooden bridge that crosses it several times. At the end of the bridge, the Mullerthal Trail leads uphill towards Marscherwald known as peaty, light beech wood. In the following section, the Mullerthal Trail crosses the “Ripsmoor” (3) - a high moor - and the sundial (4) chiseled in a rock. The walk continues towards Blumenthal, where the Mullerthal Trail meets the Black Ernz again.

Length: 9,5 km

Duration: 3 h

Departure: Mullerthal "Heringer Millen"

Arrival: Blumenthal

Bus: 470, 107