|6| Berdorf - Müllerthal

The center of Berdorf, surrounded by rocks, lies on a plateau and is the starting point of this route. From there, the Mullerthal Trail first runs through the locality and then into its rocky landscape that impresses by massive cliffs, gorges and caves. Along the romantic little valley of Roitzbach, it leads past “Roitzbachschlüff” (1). A trip to the plateau of Roitzbachschlüff is recommended. In the following section, further rocky highlights are lined up - including “Binzeltschlüff” (2), “Predigtstuhl” (3) and “Werschrummschlüff” (4). During the second half of the section, the route passes through the natural forest area called “Schnellert”, a beautiful and wild part of the Mullerthal Trail. The “Heringer Millen” (5) in the village of Mullerthal is the arrival of this stage. This mill used to be one of the major mills in the region and now houses a tourist center and a restaurant.

Length: 6,4 km

Duration: 2-2,5 h

Departure: Berdorf

Arrival: Müllerthal


111 Echternach - Berdorf - Consdorf - Junglinster - Luxembourg

470 Müllerthal - Consdorf - Altrier (Haltestelle Müllerthal/Möllerdall)

416 Echternach - Müllerthal - Larchette - Mersch (Haltestelle Müllerthal/Möllerdall)

108 Grundhof - Müllerthal - Altrier (Haltestelle Müllerthal Cascades)