|5| Echternach - Berdorf

From the bus station in Echternach, the Mullerthal Trail leads via a short climb up to the view point of “Troosknäppchen” (1). From there, hikers can enjoy an impressive view on the city of Echternach. The trail passes subsequently through the woods until the Wolves’ Canyon (2) - a steep crevice where wolves found refuge in earlier times. The next highlight on this section is the Labyrinth (3) - a maze of rock masses. Along the Aesbach, the Mullerthal Trail passes along the big rocks of “Perekop” (4), which can be climbed by ladders.
The Mullerthal Trail continues over wooden walkways and small bridges by the romantic Aesbachtal to “Hohllay” (5) - a cave where the regional millstones were broken earlier, which is still clearly recognizable by the circular bulges. Shortly afterwards, you reach the amphitheater, an open-air theater, used for various events. After a few more meters, the village of Berdorf, known among others for its cheese, is visible.


Length: 6 km

Duration: 2-2,5 h

Departure: Echternach "Gare"

Arrival: Berdorf


111 Echternach - Berdorf - Consdorf - Junglinster - Luxembourg