|3| Moersdorf - Herborn

From Moersdorf, the Mullerthal Trail first winds through the nature reserve of “Deiwelskopp” (1) with its different forest types such as high, low and ravine forest and calcareous dry grasslands with a multitude of species. After a steep ascent to the plateau, the hiker will be rewarded with magnificent views on the Sûre and even onto the Moselle. From here, the hiker continues across open agricultural land until behind Mompach (2). The village has managed to preserve its rural character and enhance its appeal by the disclosure of the “Klengelbaach”. The Mullerthal Trail crosses the village center and then leads along the forest in the direction of Herborn. Along the way, the hiker enjoys wonderful panoramic views, before the village of Herborn (3) can be seen after a short section through the forest.

Length: 9,5 km

Duration: 3 h

Departure: Moersdorf village square

Arrival: Herborn


485 Echternach - Steinheim - Rosport - Born - Moersdorf - Waserbillig - Grevenmacher 

475 Echternach - Mompach - Grevenmacher

474 Echternach - Herbon - Grevenmacher