|13| Scheidgen - Echternach

The starting point is the “Veräinshaus” in Scheidgen. From there, the Mullerthal Trail leads the hiker first out of the village into the next forest called “Juckebësch” (1). Light beech forests, narrow paths and seasonal waterways which dependent on  the water balance disappear or evolve into rushing streams mark this section. The trained eye can recognize many faces in the rocks right and left of the path. After passing the hiking parking “Leiwerdëlt”, the Mullerthal Trail goes for a short distance along the creek before it runs into  "Leiwerdëlt” (2), a beautiful wooded area. The trail continues along the stream next to rocky cliffs, and continues on narrow paths with rocky sections by light deciduous forests until Echternach. Before going downhill, the hiker is rewarded with a beautiful view on the abbey town (3).

Length: 8,2 km

Duration: 3 h

Departure: Scheidgen "Veräinshaus"

Arrival: Echternach


111 Echternach - Berdorf - Consdorf - Junglinster - Luxembourg

112 Echernach - Scheidgen - Consdorf - Bech - Junglinster