|12| Hersberg - Scheidgen

From the starting point in Hersberg, the Mullerthal Trail leads first to “Bildchen” (1), an ancient oak, whose hollow trunk houses a small statue of Virgin Mary. A relatively steep narrow path leads then parallel to “Steebach” on the plateau surface. At the foot of the steep cliff, prehistoric grinding grooves can be seen. The sandstone has been used to grind the stone tools. From there, the Mullerthal Trail runs through a beautiful landscape in which forests and rocks alternate with open areas. After crossing a street, the hikers pass the “Mëchelskirch” (2), a rock cave that according to the traditions of the end of the 18th century is said to have served as a hermitage. From this point, the Mullerthal Trail passes first through a wooden area and then after a few kilometers, further on narrow paths, past impressive rock formations such as “Daxelay” (3) “Einsiedelei”  (4) or “Härgottskapp” (5). With a little imagination, you can recognize fairytale figures in the rocky walls. Scheidgen is the end of this stage.

Length: 8,3 km

Duration: 3 h

Departure: Hersberg "Bildchen"

Arrival: Scheidgen



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