|11| Mullerthal - Hersberg

From the “Heringer Millen” (1), the Mullerthal Trail runs initially in the direction of “Schiessentümpel” (2) where he crosses the road and climbs into the forest. From there narrow paths, completely surrounded by impressive cliffs, lead to rocks with imaginative names like “Eilebuerg” (3) “Goldfralay” (4) or “Goldkaul” (5). A whole series of myths and legends are being told of these bizarre rock formations. The Mullerthal Trail passes through the mill of Consdorf and continues through the forest to the crevices of the “Rittergang” (6 ), “Déiwepëtz” (7) and the pitch-black canyon “Kohlscheuer” (8). Behind Kohlscheuer the trail continues through forest and rocky landscapes towards Hersberg. Just before the village, the hiker has the opportunity to continue or select a shortcut to get to Scheidgen. If he follows the path towards Hersberg, it leads him to “Bildchen”, a thousand year old oak (9).

“Déiwepëtz” and “Rittergang” cannot be bypassed. You should think in any case of a flashlight. To experience the Kohlscheuer, you have to leave the Mullerthal Trail briefly to explore this adventurous rocky cave.

Length: 8,3 km

Duration: 3 h

Departure: Mullerthal "Heringer Millen"

Arrival: Hersberg


470 Müllerthal - Consdorf - Altrier

111 Echternach - Berdorf - Consdorf - Junglinster - Luxembourg