|10| Beaufort - Müllerthal

This section of the Mullerthal Trail inspired by the elements of rocks, forest and water is particularly interesting. The starting point is near the imposing castle ruins of Beaufort (1) which date from the 12th century. Right behind the ruins, there is a Renaissance castle (2) from the 17th century, where the famous Cassero, a blackcurrant liqueur is still produced today and offered for tasting. The Mullerthal Trail runs beside the pond opposite the castle into the woods and leads along the banks of the wild, romantic “Haupeschbaach” (3) which
determines, together with the moss-covered rocks, the character of this section. After a short time, the “Haupeschbaach” meets the “Hallerbachtal” (4). There, the hiker will find many small wooden bridges that cross the creek and an extraordinary, moss-covered rocky landscape. After a few kilometers, the trail leaves the forest and runs into the beautiful open valley of the Black Ernz. On the meadows along the meandering creek Angus cattle graze most of the year. The trail then passes through an idyllic landscape along the forest edge to the next destination - the “Heringer Millen” (5) in the village of Mullerthal.

Length: 7,8 km

Duration: 2,5 h

Departure: Beaufort Castle

Arrival: Müllerthal


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