|1| Echternach - Rosport

The city of Echternach, which next to St Willibrord Basilica offers the abbey and the historical old town as well as numerous other attractions, is the starting point of this section. The Mullerthal Trail starts at the bus station and first runs through the municipal park (1) along the river Sûre. Shortly behind Echternach, the Mullerthal Trail leaves the river and leads up into the woods - next to the impressive rock formations “Veitcheslay”, “Roudeschlëff” and “Alkummer” (2). Above Steinheim, the hiker may enjoy a spectacular view on the valley of the “Sûre” before the Mullerthal Trail plunges again into the forest. The path then leads across open fields to the village of Rosport, famous, among other things, for its mineral water source as well as for the Tudor castle and its museum (3).

Length: 8,7 km

Duration: 3 h

Departure: Echternach "Gare"

Arrival: Rosport


485 Echternach - Steinheim - Rosport - Born - Moersdorf - Waserbillig - Grevenmacher