Walking Tour Echternach - Berdorf - Echternach




START: Echternach busstation

This tour is a walk among the beautiful landscape of forests and rocks in the area between Echternach and Berdorf.

Highlights during the hike are the "Wolfsschlucht" (the wolves’ canyon), the Hohllay in Berdorf, the amphitheatre and the Aesbach. The tour is quite strenuous (you walk uphill from Echternach to Berdorf) and lasts about 4 hours so that we strongly recommend good walking shoes. You may also just do part of this track (i.e. from Echternach to Berdorf or the other way round). There are regular bus connections between Berdorf and Echternach.

The City of Echternach was founded by Willibrord, an anglo saxon monk in the year 698 and it is the eldest city of Luxembourg. The Basilica, the Abbey, the Orangerie are impressive witnesses of a great historical past.

The market square is quite attractive with its many shops and cafés to stop and relax. Further highlights are the 4 museums, the Roman villa and the artificial lake with sports facilities.

"GORGE DU LOUP" (the wolves' canyon)
The Gorge du Loup was formed by a rock split where the hiker can walk through. In former times wolves were hiding here beneath the rocks.

From the Middle Ages until the 19th century, the mill stones for the numerous mills in the region were cut from these impressive caves called "Hohllay" or "Breechkaul" (Amphitheatre). This activity left its traces as bizarre patterns on the rocks.